Scores in one convenient place.

About Scorsync

Scorsync delivers fast and accurate results directly to you.


  • Score notifications
  • Easily searchable results
  • Score history and progress tracking
  • Automatic mobility tracking
  • Verification of qualification to Nationals
  • Live scores*


  • Current roster to manage athletes and levels
  • Summary of your team’s performance at each meet including placements and medal count
  • Instant view of which athletes have qualified to nationals


  • Profile page with optional athlete photo
  • Results from all competitions with direct links to result page
  • Record keeping of personal bests and where they occurred
  • Upload videos of competition routines to associate with results (planned)


  • Selection criteria rankings
  • Follow athletes and clubs
  • Identify target scores and receive notifications when those scores are hit (planned)
  • Analytics to view athlete’s overall performance (planned)



How Does It Work?

Scorsync works by taking results directly from the competition and uploading them onto our live site. It is the go to place for all results, athlete placements, mobility and qualification scores, and athlete stats.

Do I Need To Have An Account?

No. All scores and information are public. You will need an account if you wish to follow athletes and/or clubs.

Will It be Provided At All Meets?

We are currently working with meet hosts in the community to provide it as a service at every competition. If you would like Scorsync to be a part of your next competition, contact

How Much Does It Cost?

Scorsync is currently free to access. The cost of the service is designed to be added into each athlete’s entry fee at a price of $5 per athlete.

Questions for Meet Directors and Coaches

What Scoring Systems are Supported to Submit Results?

ProScore is the most supported scoring system on Scorsync, however, any scoring system that exports to a CSV can be imported. If you have more questions about your specific platform, please contact

How Do I Check My Team's Qualification Scores?

Visit your club’s page by going to Once you find your club, click on the qualifications tab.

How Do I Check My Team's Mobility?

Visit your club’s page by going to Once you find your club, click on the mobility tab.

Do I Need To Sign Up To Use Scorsync Prior To A Meet?

No, but if you sign up prior to a meet, the cost can be incorporated into the athlete’s entry fee. You can still submit results to Scorsync after a meet has concluded, however the fee will still be required.

Athletes & Parents

How Do I Create An Athlete Account?

Click register in the app toolbar. Fill out your information and select Athlete as your role.

Can I Change My Profile Picture?

Yes. Go to your account page and click the change photo button.

How Do I Sign Up For Notifications?

Parents, athletes, and coaches can sign up to receive notifications as meet scores are posted. You can sign up to receive notifications via email or text to be notified for an athlete's results.